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Shipping and Delivery

What are my shipping options?

All shipments are shipped UPS ground at a flat rate of $6.95. However, the following options are available if you desire. Please fax, email, or call us (at 1-800-927-0874) if you desire any of these alternate shipment methods. If you are in Alaska, Hawaii, or outside the United States, please contact us to find out the exact shipping methods and charges.
  • Post Office - We ship U.S. Post office, but charge the same price that UPS would charge. (This is because even though the post office is a little cheaper than UPS, it is more trouble for us).
  • Federal Express - If you want your package shipped Federal Express, please supply us with your fed ex number.
  • UPS Air - We offer Three Day, Two Day, Next Day, and Next Day Saturday at your request. The most popular of these is UPS Two Day Air, which only costs about five dollars more than UPS Ground and cuts delivery time in half on shipments to the East Coast. Air mail is the only way UPS will ship to Alaska and Hawaii.
  • Drop ship - If we do not have an item in stock, we might be able to drop ship it to you directly from the manufacturer for an additional $5.00. We will do this only at your request. Drop shipping a package will usually speed up a delivery by one to two days.

When Can I expect my package to be shipped out?

  • If we have the item(s) in stock, which we frequently do (we have over one hundred thousand items in stock), they will ship the same day or the next day. If we do not have the item(s) in stock, they will ship out on the same day that we receive them.
  • If we do not have the item(s), we will order them the same day, and will usually receive it in one to two business days.
  • Occasionally neither we nor the manufacturer has the item in stock, in which case there is an additional delay. Usually the delay is less than two weeks, but on very rare occasions, can be three or more months. If there is ever any delay, we will notify you.
  • If we do not have the item in stock, then, as mentioned above, drop shipping a package will usually speed up the delivery by one or two days at a cost of $5.00.

When Can I expect my package to arrive?

  • Unless you request an alternate shipping method, and assuming we do not notify you of a delay, and factoring in the various possibilities mentioned above, the approximate delivery times for UPS Ground shipments are as follows: If you are on the West Coast, you can expect the package in about two to six working days. If you are in the Midwest, you will generally receive the package in about four to eight working days. On the East Coast you will receive the package in about six to ten working days. In Florida or Maine, you will receive the package in about six to eleven working days (and may want to consider having it sent UPS Two Day Air to speed up the delivery if you are in a hurry). In Alaska or Hawaii, where UPS Two Day air is the standard shipping method, the package will usually arrive within five working days. Outside the United States UPS Ground is not offered, so the delivery times will vary, so please contact us for more information.
  • To see a map of UPS delivery times, click here.

When do I have to place my order to have it shipped that day?

  • All orders placed through our web site are processed the next business day. If you are in a great rush, items that are currently in stock will be shipped the same day if the order is called in by phone before 3:00 P.M. Pacific Standard Time.

What if my package is damaged when it is delivered?

  • If your package arrives damaged, you may refuse delivery at no cost to you. Please contact us immediately (if by email, at as soon as possible.

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